Influencers (Content Creators) in Japan

Jordy Meow

In love with abandoned places and exploration, I take you on an unforgettable trip to the Japan countryside.

Asian Wanderlust

Full-time dreamer exploring Asia, follow my journey! :)

Zooming Japan

This creator hasn't provided a profile yet.

Jake Ojisan

Almost 20 years spent walking around the countryside of Western Japan, my blog is a primarily photographic record of what I see and what I learn

David in Setouchi

Born and raised in France, I've lived in Japan since 2011, and I blog about the Seto Inland Sea, its islands, its art and more.

Tokyo Islands

Tokyo Islands aims to promote the Izu 9 Islands, Tokyo, Japan around the globe. The Izu Islands as they are also called are a group of volcanic islands just off the coast of central Japan, near Tokyo. It takes less than 2 hours to reach them from the capital, by modern


I have been living in Japan since 2007, first in a small town in Fukushima Prefecture and now in western Tokyo which makes for easy getaways to the surrounding mountains. When I’m not out and about exploring and blogging, I teach English to high school students.